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Top Education Leaders

Our School involves the best education leaders, who share their experience, knowledge and tips with our students.

Best Teachers

Our staff consists of professional experienced teachers, who love what they do and use creative approach in teaching.

National Awards

Amber International School takes part in many sports & educational contests. We won the National Awards

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Student Achievements

National & International Sports Achiever's

School Achievements

Our School was felicitated for excellence in social and personality development education programs at the eldrok india k12 summit on 28 august 2019 in Mumbai.

Our School principal received the honour of the innovative edu leader award by sports authority india at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Our Blogs


24 July, 2023

Is Skill Development Necessary in School Education?

In the rapidly evolving world we live in, traditional education systems need to adapt to meet the changing needs of students. While academic knowledge remains essential, the development of skills is e...
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10 July, 2023

6 Essential Qualities of a Successful Student

Being a good student goes beyond mere academic achievements. It encompasses a set of qualities that contribute to personal growth, intellectual development, and overall success. While every student is...
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23 June, 2023

Safety Rules to Follow at School

School safety is of paramount importance to ensure the well-being and security of students, teachers, and staff. By adhering to specific safety rules, schools can create a conducive learning environme...
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